2008 honda crv maintenance schedule pdf

Honda CR-V Questions – CRV Timing Chain? Belt on the Honda 2005 2008 honda crv maintenance schedule pdf? Not that I have heard of. Honda dealer and we dont have any problems with them at all.

Strange, since the car has had all its regular maintenance, by Honda, and I bought this vehicle on the understanding that the chain was designed to last the life of the engine. Does that mean that my engine is also shot? Or is it possibly a misdiagnosis of another problem?

Or is it a Honda CRV timing chain and or tensioner problem? Yes I have a 2006 Honda CR-V and I recently went to the dealer and they said my timing chain has shifted and it is not covered under warranty.

Me and my co workers havent had any problems with the 2. 4 timing chain engine that you have. Although we’ve had one that did need a chain and tensioner because it streched.

Sometimes we might get a complaint of a noise due to the timing chain slapping on the guides but thats it. Your situation is kinda odd. I have a 2005 with 145,000 km and the chain has stretched.

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