After the flood bill cooper pdf

Professional baseball is in fact interstate commerce under the Sherman Antitrust Act, but congressional acquiescence in previous jurisprudence to the contrary make it the legislative branch’s responsibility to end or modify antitrust exemption unique among after the flood bill cooper pdf sports. Powell took no part in the consideration or decision of the case. It arose from a challenge by St.

Louis Cardinals’ outfielder Curt Flood when he refused to be traded to the Philadelphia Phillies after the 1969 season. He sought injunctive relief from the reserve clause, which prevented him from negotiating with another team for a year after his contract expired.

Named as initial respondents were baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn, MLB and all of its then-24 member clubs. 3, it admitted the original grounds for the antitrust exemption were tenuous at best, that baseball was indeed interstate commerce for purposes of the act and the exemption was an “anomaly” it had explicitly refused to extend to other professional sports or entertainment. That admission set in motion events which ultimately led to an arbitrator’s ruling nullifying the reserve clause and opening the door for free agency in baseball and other sports.

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