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What term do you want to search? Pedestrians pass an Aldi supermarket in the North Finchley district of London. The chain is currently the UK’s seventh-largest grocer. Aldi business model pdf 29 September 2014 00.

Last modified on Saturday 2 December 2017 18. The message that Aldi is getting cheaper and bigger will be welcomed by British shoppers battered by years of austerity and stagnant wages. But for the German supermarket’s suffering rivals, it is another turn of the screw.

A steely focus on price and simplicity, against a backdrop of falling living standards that has sharpened customers’ eye for a bargain, has seen the discounter grab market share from competitors and transform what we expect from our weekly shop. If you could judge the scale of a company’s ambition by the size of its boardroom table then Aldi has a huge appetite. Sitting at a blonde wood circle the size of a spaceship, the fast growing German discounter’s two managing directors explain how they are eating the major supermarkets’ lunch.

Aldi has spurred the likes of Tesco, Morrison’s, Asda and Sainsbury’s into cutting prices this year but is determined to keep the big four at arm’s length. Whatever our competitors plan to do we know exactly what our response will be and our competitors do as well. We will not let them compete on price.

Matthew Barnes, a smooth-talking Brit who has risen through Aldi’s ranks to lead the UK business alongside German-born colleague Roman Heini. That’s our DNA, that’s our patch, that’s what we stand for and that’s what our customers expect and we are in the habit of giving our customers what they want.

Such drive has turned Aldi into a serious player in the cut-throat world of British retail, gobbling up market share to leave it a breath away from surpassing Waitrose as the UK’s sixth largest grocer. 9m, according to figures released today. Buoyed by the success of its frugal business model, Aldi is not letting up on the pace of growth.

600m expansion spree, adding 54 stores this year and up to 65 next year with an aim for 1,000 outlets by 2021. Aldi’s heartlands are in the north and Midlands. It has just 21 stores in London, as it has found it tough to afford suitable sites inside the M25. But Barnes and Heini are testing a way to crack the capital.

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