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Basic Element is a Swedish Eurodance hip-hop group formed in 1992. The group returned basic music terms pdf 2005 and is still releasing new material.

Cesar Zamini, accordion Branko J. Nuss, and vocalist Zetma Prembo. Currently, the band exists out of Peter Thelenius and Jonas Wesslander. Peter Thelenius and Cesar Zamini began the group in 1992, searched for a singer through the employment office and found Zetma.

In 1993, they made a record deal with EMI Records, thus releasing their first single “Move Me”. In 1994, “Move Me” was followed up by hits like “The Promise Man”, reaching number 1 in the Swedish charts. Also, Peter and Caesar started to have disagreements about the band’s future, this causing Cesar to leaving the band. Peter has since then continued with the band itself.

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