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Anathem is a speculative fiction novel by Neal Stephenson, published in 2008. Major themes include the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and the philosophical debate believing in myself book pdf Platonic realism and nominalism. Anathem is set on and around the fictional planet Arbre.

Inquisition, which answers to the outside world. The avout are allowed to communicate with people outside the walls of the concent only once every year, decade, century, or millennium, depending on the particular vows they have taken.

The narrator and protagonist, Fraa Erasmas, is an avout at the Concent of Saunt Edhar. Sæcular Power attempts to cover up.

Orolo secretly observes the alien ship with a video camera, technology that is prohibited for the avout. Mathic World for his possession and use of proscribed technology within the concent. But the presence of the alien ship soon becomes an open secret among many of the avout at St. The alien ship eventually declares its presence by shining a laser upon the Millenarian Math of Saunt Edhar, the bastion of those avout who have taken a thousand-year vow not to interact with the outside world.

Erasmas and several companions, on Fraa Jad’s suggestion, decide to seek out Orolo. Orolo holds discussions with Erasmas about the nature of the cosmos and consciousness, and how he believes that the aliens are not simply from another planet, but from another cosmos that is influenced by Arbre.

During the discussions between Orolo and Erasmas, a small spacecraft lands in Orithena, on the very site of the ancient Mathic world’s Analemma, which is visible from space. A female alien is on board, but dead of a recent gunshot wound. Shortly thereafter, the aliens propel a massive metal rod at a nearby volcano, triggering an eruption that destroys Orithena.

Orolo sacrifices his life to ensure the safety of the dead alien’s remains and her blood samples, an event that leads to his canonization as Saunt Orolo. This is a joint conference of the avout and the Sæcular Power, dedicated to dealing with the military, political, and technical issues raised by the existence of the alien ship in Arbre’s orbit. Tredegarh is where the Sæcular Power had brought the evoked avout of Saunt Edhar and from many other concents from all around the world to work on methods of interpreting the limited information regarding the alien spacecraft, as well as investigating possible military options.

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