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50 joint venture with Aviation Partners Inc. In November 2016, Boeing announced that Ray Conner, 61 years old, would step down immediately and be replaced. He had big sales successes after one year and has a pivotal choice to make on the next Boeing New Midsize Airplane. For all models sold beginning with the Boeing 707 in 1957, Boeing’s naming system for commercial airliners has taken the form of 7X7.

All model designations from 707 through 787 have been assigned, leaving 797 as the only 7X7 model name not assigned to a product. For model numbers in the 707 to 777 range, the model number consists of an airplane’s model number, for example 707 or 747, followed by a dash and three digits that represent the series within the model, for example 707-320 or 747-400. Unlike other models, the 787 uses a single digit to designate the series, for example 787-8. This convention was followed in the development of the newest version of the 747, the 747-8, along with the 737 MAX and 777X series.

Additional letters are sometimes appended to the model name as a suffix, including “ER” to designate an “extended range” version, such as the 777-300ER, or “LR” to designate a “long range” version, for example 777-200LR. New 777 series, with the lengthened 777-9X, and extra-long-range 777-8X. The table below lists only airliners from the jet era. Airlines commonly order aircraft with special features or options, but Boeing builds certain models specifically for a particular customer.

The Boeing 707-138B was a shortened-fuselage, long-range model only sold to Qantas. This plane could be converted between passenger and freighter configuration. It was launched by Royal Nepal Airlines in 1986 and delivered two years later. The Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter is a wide-body cargo aircraft.

The 747SP production resumed nearly four years after the supposedly final 747SP was built, to manufacture one aircraft for the United Arab Emirates. It had a cockpit crew of two instead of the three-crew layout of other 747SPs. Two Boeing VC-25s were built for the US Air Force as Presidential Air Force One transports.

This model was a highly modified 747-200B. Boeing was a consultant to Sukhoi on the Russian Regional Jet program that subsequently became the Sukhoi Superjet 100 twin-engine narrowbody airliner. Boeing 747-300 Trijet – high-efficiency trijet version of the Boeing 747-200, canceled. Boeing RC-1 – cargo aircraft, canceled.

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