Biotic and abiotic factors influencing insect life pdf

This stream in the Redwood National and State Parks together with its environment can be thought biotic and abiotic factors influencing insect life pdf as forming a river ecosystem. River ecosystems are prime examples of lotic ecosystems. Lotic refers to flowing water, from the Latin lotus, washed. Lotic waters range from springs only a few centimeters wide to major rivers kilometers in width.

Much of this article applies to lotic ecosystems in general, including related lotic systems such as streams and springs. Lotic ecosystems can be contrasted with lentic ecosystems, which involve relatively still terrestrial waters such as lakes and ponds. Together, these two fields form the more general study area of freshwater or aquatic ecology. The following unifying characteristics make the ecology of running waters unique among aquatic habitats.

There is a state of continuous physical change. Variability between lotic systems is quite high.

The biota is specialized to live with flow conditions. Water flow is the key factor in lotic systems influencing their ecology. The strength of water flow can vary between systems, ranging from torrential rapids to slow backwaters that almost seem like lentic systems.

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