Ca dmv written test study guide pdf

According to the second amendment of the United States Constitution, it is your right as a citizen to keep and bear arms. There are rules and qualifications to ca dmv written test study guide pdf in mind, however.

Get the Firearm Safety Certificate at a gun shop or firearm training center. Apply to purchase the firearm from a gun dealer.

Perform and pass the safe handling demonstration. Pay the fees, then wait 10 days before picking up the firearm.

Bring proof of your age. To buy a handgun you must be 21. You can show military identification instead if you also have permanent duty station orders that prove you’re posted in California.

Any crime punishable by more than one year in prison. Misdemeanors related to assault, intimidation, stalking, domestic violence, or firearms can lead to a temporary or permanent ban. Some court orders or probation conditions include a firearm ban. Rule out other reasons for ineligibility.

Know the requirements for non-citizens and non-residents. If you are a Lawful Permanent Resident, you may purchase a gun if you bring a green card.

Must have been in the U. Must have a hunting license issued in the U.

Must not have given up U. Note: Many gun dealers are not familiar with these laws.

You may need to try a few before you find one who knows this process. Bring proof of residency if buying a handgun.

If you pass the above tests, you can buy a rifle or shotgun. If you plan to buy a handgun, you also need to bring proof of California residency. Request a Personal Firearms Eligibility Check if you’re not sure. If you have a corner case and are not sure whether you’re eligible, fill out this PFEC request form.

You should get a response within 60 days telling you whether you’re eligible to buy a firearm. 20, plus the cost of notarizing the document. A PFEC is never required.

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