California sample ballot 2016 pdf

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to california sample ballot 2016 pdf your experience. Counties then have eight working days to report the raw count of signatures to the Secretary of State.

Secretary of State notifies the county elections officials that they will have to randomly sample signatures for validation, to ensure petitions were signed by registered voters. Secretary of State directs the county elections officials to verify every signature on the petition. This process is referred to as a full check of signatures.

A referendum can qualify up to 31 days prior to a statewide general election. Spreadsheets containing the progress of a proposed initiative or referendum measure in the signature verification stage are updated regularly.

Increases Size of Legislature and Changes Legislative Process. Increases Legislature’s size almost 100-fold by dividing current Assembly and Senate districts into neighborhood districts with each Assemblymember representing about 5,000 persons and each Senator representing about 10,000 persons. Provides for neighborhood district representatives to elect working committees the size of the current Assembly and Senate, 80 Assemblymembers and 40 Senators.

Gives working committees legislative power generally, and sole power to amend bills, but requires approval by appropriate vote of the full membership in each house for passage of any non-urgency bill. Reduces legislators’ pay and expenditures.

Increased county election costs of tens of millions of dollars in election years beginning in 2022. Hi there, how can I help you? You are using an outdated browser.

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. This is a summary of the statewide initiative procedure and the requirements for preparing and qualifying initiatives. This guide is intended for statewide initiatives only. For information regarding the qualification of local initiatives, please contact your county elections official or city clerk.

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