Centrifugal pump problems and solutions pdf

This is a list of ideas or DOS AND DON’TS for pump systems. You may not of thought of some of these and they will centrifugal pump problems and solutions pdf you design and trouble-shoot pump systems and select the proper pump. Also there is information here that is hard to find elsewhere. You can think of this list as GUIDELINES for the pump system designer.

You can also download these tips in pdf format. Do not let a centrifugal pump operate for long periods of time at zero flow. In residential systems, the pressure switch shuts the pump down when the pressure is high which means there is low or no flow.

Make sure your pump has a pressure gauge on the discharge side close to the outlet of the pump this will help you diagnose pump system problems. It is also useful to have a pressure gauge on the suction side, the difference in pressure is proportional to the total head.

The pressure gauge reading will have to be corrected for elevation since the reference plane for total head calculation is the suction flange of the pump. Most centrifugal pumps cannot run dry, ensure that the pump is always full of liquid.

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