Christology from above and below pdf

Stained glass window of the Confession of Peter in Luke 9:20: “But who do you say christology from above and below pdf I am? Peter answered: “The Christ of God”. Christian theology which is primarily concerned with the ontology of the person of Jesus as recorded in the canonical Gospels and the epistles of the New Testament. Primary considerations include the ontology of the relationship of Jesus with that of God the Father.

As such, Christology is concerned with the details of Jesus’ ministry, his acts and teachings, to arrive at a clearer understanding of who he is in his person, and his role in salvation. The views of Paul the Apostle provided a major component of the Christology of the Apostolic Age. The pre-existence of Christ became a central theme of Christology.

Proponents of Christ’s deity argue the Old Testament has many cases of Christophany: “The pre-existence of Christ is further substantiated by the many recorded Christophanies in the Bible. Christophany” is often considered a more accurate term than the term “theophany” due to the belief that all the visible manifestations of God are in fact the preincarnate Christ. Many argue that the appearances of “the Angel of the Lord” in the Old Testament were the preincarnate Christ.

Many understand the angel of the Lord as a true theophany. From the time of Justin on, the figure has been regarded as the preincarnate Logos. Following the Apostolic Age, the early church engaged in fierce and often politicized debate on many interrelated issues.

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