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Please forward this error screen to 199. We are the leading and award-winning manufacturer of cost accounting by terry lucey pdf finest premium corks, glass and packaging for North American markets. Silva USA was established in 2000 by cork industry experts Neil Foster and Manuel Alves Silva, founder of M. Silva Portugal, a family-owned and operated company with a 44-year history of wine cork manufacturing.

These two leaders identified winemakers’ need for a clean, reliable source for corks. Together they acted on their vision to deliver a dependable, vertically integrated and consistent supply of wine corks to the North American wine industry, meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations. Silva continues to grow and has established itself as a leading industry supplier through proven delivery of top quality cork. They decided to expand their product line, creating a business that manages manufacturing and quality control at the source.

Both cork and glass product lines have a proven track record of impeccable quality, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service. The company is often recognized as the North American wine industry leader in both products. Natural wine corks are preferred for all types of wine, aging periods and bottle formats. No other natural product offers this combination of visual appeal, neutrality and consistent sealing qualities.

Our innovative custom-designed cleaning processes produce corks that exceed the highest industry standards and effectively volatilize potential TCA and other off-aroma molecules from the cell structure of natural cork. We offer a full range of grades ranging from near visually perfect for ultra-premium wines through value priced corks intended for high-volume labels. Each is grade is available in different washes and multiple standard lengths.

Custom sizes are also available. Sealing Ability: No leakage at 1. A challenge for some winemakers is achieving a specific price point while maintaining the attractiveness of a natural cork closure.

Colmated corks allow wineries to take advantage of the consumer preference for natural cork, while reaching lower price points competitive with synthetic stoppers and screw caps. Colmate” means to fill or cover. For colmated corks, we use fine granular cork to fill voids and improve the appearance of a lower grade natural cork body.

Sealing Ability: No leakage at 1. We use only FDA-approved food-grade bonding agents.

This combination presents natural cork to both the wine and to the consumer while retaining properties similar to our natural cork offerings. It delivers a dependable seal, consistent insertion and extraction performance, below sensory level TCA and other off-aromas combined with outstanding visual appearance.

Sealing Ability: No leakage at 1. Micro-agglomerated corks are produced from sterilized natural uniformly sized micro-granules excluding particles that do not meet the narrow size tolerance. We use only FDA-approved food-grade bonding agents. This product has the feel of real cork and meets the same quality standards as our natural and technical wine corks, but at a price point competitive with screw caps and synthetic stoppers.

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