Cummins qsx15 manual pdf

Since 1937, the company began to redesign the standard cargo chassis, installing on them lightweight aluminum cabs over the engine. Consolidated Freightways, and in January of the following year, it established its own production division Freightways Manufacturing in Salt Lake City. In December 1940 a part of the cars received the brand “Freight Liner”, and from the middle cummins qsx15 manual pdf 1941 it was replaced with “Freightliner”.

100″, “400” and “600” with an aluminum cabin. 600″ series with a steel cabin. 3-speed gearbox Fuller, Timken bridges, aluminum cab and light alloy parts.

Since October, the production of the “all-aluminum” model “L-89” with 275-horsepower engine “Cummins” ┬áhas begun. By this time, the company employed 62 people, who collected 40-60 cars a year.

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