Dbt for borderline personality disorder pdf

People with borderline personality disorder often have difficulties controlling their emotions and impulses, dbt for borderline personality disorder pdf find it hard to keep relationships. They can experience feelings of emptiness, suffer quick changes in mood and they may harm themselves.

Problems coping with abandonment and a rapidly changing view of other people can form part of their difficulties. All of these things make it hard for them to engage with any treatment they may be offered. Those who are able to engage often find it hard to stick with the treatment and leave before the end.

We found 28 studies that had involved a total of 1804 people with borderline personality disorder. These studies examined various psychological treatments. Some of these are called ‘comprehensive’ treatments because the person talks one-to-one with a professional for at least part of the time. Other treatments are called ‘non-comprehensive’ because they do not involve this one-to-one work.

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