Ecclesia in america pdf

Ecclesia and Synagoga, or Ecclesia in america pdf et Synagoga in Latin, meaning “Church and Synagogue”, are a pair of figures personifying the Church and the Jewish synagogue, that is to say the Jewish religion, found in medieval Christian art. They often appear sculpted as large figures on either side of a church portal, as in the most famous examples, those at Strasbourg Cathedral. They may also be found standing on either side of the cross in scenes of the Crucifixion, especially in Romanesque art, and less frequently in a variety of other contexts. Ecclesia is generally adorned with a crown, chalice and cross-topped staff, looking confidently forward.

Tablets of the Law or Torah scrolls that may even be slipping from her hand. The staff and spear may have pennants flying from them. Attributes sometimes carried by Synagoga include a sheep or goat or just its head, signifying Old Testament sacrifice, in contrast to Ecclesia’s chalice which represents the Christian Eucharist.

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