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English as a second or foreign language is the use of English by speakers with different native languages. English speakers learning English in a country where English english for nursing 1 pearson longman pdf not commonly spoken. The term ESL has been seen by some to indicate that English would be of secondary importance.

For example, where English is used as a Lingua Franca in a multilingual country. The term ESL can be a misnomer for some students who have learned several languages before learning English. The way English learners are instructed depends on their level of English proficiency and the program contents provided in their school or district. In some programs, instructions are taught in both, English and their home language.

Adapting comprehension, insight oriented repetitions and recasts are some of the methods used in training. To further complicate the syntax of the language is based on Latin grammar hence it suffers inconsistencies.

The major engine that influences the language are the United States and the United Kingdom and they both have assimilated the language differently so they differ in expressions and usage. This is found in a great extent primarily in pronunciation and vocabulary. In countries English as a second language training has evolved into two broad directions: instruction for people who intend to live in countries where English dominates and instruction for those who do not.

These divisions have grown firmer as the instructors of these two “industries” have used different terminology, followed distinct training qualifications, formed separate professional associations, and so on. Crucially, these two arms have very different funding structures, public in the former and private in the latter, and to some extent this influences the way schools are established and classes are held. Although English is the principal language in both the US and the United Kingdom, it differs between the two countries from their parent anglo-saxon roots.

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