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It can act as a roadmap for you as you write about your setting, your characters, and describe the major events in the story. A plot outline can also be useful if you hit a wall while writing your story and want to get a better sense of where to write to next.

Identify the sections in a plot diagram. One of the more traditional ways to structure a story is to use the triangle plot diagram, also known as Freytag’s Pyramid.

Freytag’s Pyramid is broken into six sections: the set up, the inciting incident, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and the resolution. The diagram appears like a triangle or a pyramid, with the set up at the bottom of the triangle, followed by the build up of the inciting incident and the rising action.

The tip of the triangle is the climax of the story, which is then followed by downward slant of the falling action and flattening out of the triangle, or the resolution of the story. This type of plot diagram is often used in novels to help structure the action of the story. It can be a useful way to make sure you have all the necessary elements of a story in your novel and many readers will respond positively to a text that is structured based on a plot diagram that has a rise and fall.

You can draw your own plot diagram and write out each section or plot point directly on it. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a visual reference as a guide for your story.

Create a strong set up. Though many novels start by folding the set up into the inciting incident, it may help you to write down your set up during the planning stages of your story. Identifying the set up of your story could also help you identify your protagonist as well as the themes or main ideas in your story. Your set up should include the setting of the story, information about your protagonist, and introduce the protagonist’s conflict.

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