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There are two types of respiratory alkalosis: chronic and acute as a result of the 3-5 day delay in kidney compensation of the abnormality. Acute respiratory alkalosis occurs rapidly, have a high pH because the response of essentials of surgical specialties pdf kidneys is slow. Chronic respiratory alkalosis is a more long-standing condition, here one finds the kidneys have time to decrease the bicarbonate level.

Alkalosis refers to the process due to which there is elevation of blood pH. Alkalemia refers to an arterial blood pH of greater than 7.

An audio clip recording of a PVC symptom, made with a cardiac event monitor. The mechanism of respiratory alkalosis generally occurs when some stimulus makes a person hyperventilate. The increased breathing produces increased alveolar respiration, expelling CO2 from the circulation.

This alters the dynamic chemical equilibrium of carbon dioxide in the circulatory system. Respiratory alkalosis is very rarely life-threatening, though pH level should not be 7.

The aim in treatment is to detect the underlying cause. When PaCO2 is adjusted rapidly in individuals with chronic respiratory alkalosis, metabolic acidosis may occur. If the individual is on a mechanical ventilator then preventing hyperventilation is done via monitoring ABG levels. In The Andromeda Strain, one of the characters is exposed to contamination, but saves himself by increasing his breathing rhythm until he has respiratory alkalosis in his blood.

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