Forever in blue the fourth summer of the sisterhood pdf

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help forever in blue the fourth summer of the sisterhood pdf it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood is the fourth novel in Ann Brashares’s acclaimed “Sisterhood” series.

The story concludes the adventures of four girls who share a pair of “magical” pants that fit each one of them perfectly, despite their vastly different shapes and sizes. This is the fourth book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and was considered the last until Brashares published a fifth book in 2011. It was released on January 9, 2007.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, a movie based on the book, was released on August 6, 2008. Lena is taking an extra painting class in the summer at RISD and becomes interested in the anonymous painter who comes in late on the first day. She is overcome by his skill level.

Leo sees her examining his work and they cultivate a friendship. Leo invites Lena over to his house for dinner, where she meets his mother, a professional artist.

His mother suggests that Lena and Leo pose for each other’s figure paintings, leaving Lena flustered, although she still agrees. However, due to her extreme shyness and strict upbringing, she is uncomfortable painting Leo in the nude and is unable to draw him the way she wants to. Leo, however, sees extreme beauty in Lena’s body, kissing her after their first session. He asks her to pose for another one.

Lena’s feelings for Leo grow. However, shortly following the session, Kostos appears at her dorm room. He tells her that he divorced his wife after she apparently lied to him about being pregnant with their child. Lena is at first in shock by Kostos’s sudden appearance, but later becomes angry and yells at Kostos for coming back and expecting her to be waiting for him after he abandoned her.

When she goes to apologize the next day, Kostos has already left. Lena poses for Leo, and after he kisses her, they make love. After, she goes to her apartment and cries, realizing that she never had feelings for Leo the way she had for Kostos. Later, while in Greece, she meets up with Kostos, who admits that he had gone to the U.

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