George winston sheet music pdf

Please forward this error screen to 67. Holly and Ivy’s Christmas song lyrics are little-known to most people. Perhaps partly for that reason, george winston sheet music pdf song feels very fresh.

The left hand chord pattern is fairly easy, but coordinating the two hands together is not! It helps to treat this song as a duet with your student for a couple of weeks, trading places on the piano bench as you switch parts. What I have found very useful with complicated eighth note patterns is what I call “Lap-Tap” practice: each hand, on the lap or on the closed piano lid, taps its own pattern against the pattern of the other hand. No worry about playing the right notes just rhythm practice.

Try reinforcing the melody’s rhythm by doing this as you sing the Christmas song lyrics. I put this on my student’s lesson assignment sheet for the week to do at home, also: “Lap-Tap counting 1x each day before playing with notes. The second version is much harder, because of the added chord tones in the right hand in the second half of the song.

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