Glossary of history terms pdf

This is a glossary of poetry. Gra’ Reformata’ Ten stanza’s of ABA CD ABA CD ABA CD ABA CD ABA Glossary of history terms pdf ABAC. Following the rhyme scheme of the ‘Villanelle’, but with five extra couplets just after each tercet. Ballade: Three stanzas of “ababbcbC” followed by a refrain of “bcbC”.

The last line of each, indicated by the capital letter, is repeated verbatim. Chant royal: Five stanzas of “ababccddedE” followed by either “ddedE” or “ccddedE”. The capital letters indicate a line repeated verbatim.

Couplet: “aa”, but usually occurs as “aa bb cc dd “. Ghazal: “aa ba ca da “.

Petrarchan sonnet: “abba abba cde cde” or “abba abba cdc cdc”. Shakespearean sonnet: “abab cdcd efef gg”. Spenserian sonnet: “abab bcbc cdcd ee”.

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