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All C engines share in common a 90-degree V from bank to bank. Beyond this fact there is little to no similarity between the three drive train layouts. As a general rule, interchange of parts will not work between these sub groups. The variable length intake manifold used six individual small-bore intake runners below 3,500 rpm for each cylinder and added an additional six individual larger bore intake runners at higher RPMs.

Honda replaced the variable length intake manifold with a variable geometry turbocharger to the C20A engine used in the Japanese Domestic Market Legend. The turbo with intercooler-equipped engine was the C20AT engine and are extremely rare. Honda pioneered variable-geometry turbo chargers. The “Wing Turbo”, as Honda called them, were controlled by an 8-bit processor ECU and they were constantly adjusting.

Basically, at low speeds the wings surrounding the turbine wheel inside the compressor housing on the intake side would be nearly closed to speed and direct exhaust pressure precisely on the turbine wheel. At 2000 rpm, the wings would fluctuate and it would act like a much larger turbo to increase fuel economy as needed. This car was quick and powerful, but the price premium over the slightly longer and wider Legend with the 2. 7 L naturally aspirated V6 was too much for most, so the car disappeared.

K23A1 straight-4 engine used in the Acura RDX and the ER straight-4 engine used in the first generation Honda City. The engine utilized a 90 degree V-angle to the crankshaft in preference to the taller but more common 60 degree design, with a compression ratio of 9.

The crankshaft had crankpins offset 30 degrees to provide a low profile engine that fires smoothly and evenly. The block and cross flow pent roof cylinder heads with 24 valves are die-cast from aluminum alloy and the cylinder bores are lined with cast iron.

The exhaust system uses equal length exhaust pipes connected to the Exhaust manifold to minimize scavenging resistance and maximum total exhaust efficiency. An external high capacity water cooled oil cooler and filter maintain an efficient oil temperature.

The SOHC C27A is a 2. For this particular vehicle the engine was updated with a more efficient intake manifold. The DOHC VTEC C30A is a 3.

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