How does a computer work pdf

How does a computer work pdf does fiber optics work? Last updated: June 25, 2017.

Photo: Light pipe: fiber optics means sending light beams down thin strands of plastic or glass by making them bounce repeatedly off the walls. This is a simulated image.

We’re used to the idea of information traveling in different ways. Photo: A section of 144-strand fiber-optic cable. Each strand is made of optically pure glass and is thinner than a human hair. Brian Davidson, courtesy of US Air Force.

Then you’d fire the laser down the fiber-optic cable. Photo: Fiber-optic cables are thin enough to bend, taking the light signals inside in curved paths too.

Artwork: Total internal reflection keeps light rays bouncing down the inside of a fiber-optic cable. It’s one of the things that keeps light inside the pipe. Optical fibers carry light signals down them in what are called modes.

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