How to bookmark a pdf file in adobe acrobat

Sign how to bookmark a pdf file in adobe acrobat or log in to customize your list. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. When deleting or adding pages in an Adobe PDF created file using Adobe Acrobat 9.

0 I am receiving a “Bad Parameter” error. This can be resolved by creating a new PDF of the PDF by using the Adobe PDF printer, but that is not a workable solution as it decreases the quality of the document. I didn’t want to chance messing up the bookmarks – but I don’t know that the order matters. When done, save the resulting file.

Your user box counts as your signature, and you can use your profile to post any information about yourself you like. In the dialog that says ‘bad parameter error’ press control when clicking OK.

This sometimes gives a more informative message. The basic problem is that there is something wrong with the PDF file, Acrobat doesn’t bother to tell you about this normally, but instead silently ignores the error. Acrobat does this a lot and is a major reason why there are a lot of technically invalid PDF files around ‘it must be OK because Acrobat can read it’.

PDF and since you are only printing what Acrobat displayd, the resulting PDF file will be fine. However its not possible to tell you what’s wrong with the PDF file without seeing it.

You could try using another tool to manipulate the PDF file, it might fix it in the process. I got the same problem and following solution Worked for me. Close and Reopen the new saved file. Now try to delete the page.

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