How to make a pdf portfolio graphic design

Top tips how to make a pdf portfolio graphic design creating a winning design portfolio. As a creative professional you live and die by the quality of your design portfolio.

It sums you and your work up and is the first port of call for anyone looking to hire or commission you. DSLR or compact camera to shoot any print work. Read on for my 10 top tips for creating a killer portfolio, gleamed from over a decade’s industry experience as a commissioning designer and art editor, not to mention my own experience of preparing portfolios and attending interviews.

I’ll also showcase some portfolio examples from fellow designers that I think work particularly well. Only ever show your very best work in your portfolio and if you aren’t 100 per cent happy with the outcome then don’t feature it. It’s often hard to self-edit, but it’s important to be quite ruthless when selecting the work to ensure that all of it is up to scratch and of a standard that you’re happy with.

This is something that I learned quite early on: to begin with a really strong killer piece that will grab people’s attention, and then finish on a similarly striking talking point that will leave them wanting more. Also, remember not to overdo it in certain areas of your portfolio.

If you’ve done some infographic work then feature a few key pieces and then show something different, the last thing you want is to bore someone with 100 examples of the same kind of work. Not forgetting the social portfolio platform behemoths, Adobe Portfolio and Behance.

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