How to start a battery business at home pdf

Aditia Patria Warman from Fotolia. The growing consumer attraction to going green is producing businesses that focus on green services, such as a battery recycling business. Since Americans alone use millions of electronics each year that require batteries, millions of batteries wind up in landfills around the country. The how to start a battery business at home pdf in these batteries and the materials that compose them are not biodegradable, and can contaminate the soil and other areas of the environment.

When you start a battery recycling business, you are not only starting a business that can make you money, but one which may also help to make the world a better place to live. Register your business with the state in which it operates.

Contact the secretary of the state for the state in which your business operates. Determine which types of batteries you want to recycle. Some battery recycling businesses limit the types of batteries they accept, such as only cell phone batteries or computer batteries.

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