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This site has been blocked by the network administrator. Block reason: Gateway GEO-IP Filter AlertIP address: 91. Job Corps is a program administered by the United States Department of Labor that offers free-of-charge education and vocational training to young hvac technician resume pdf and women ages 16 to 24. Job Corps’ mission is to help young people ages 16 through 24, improve the quality and satisfaction of their lives through vocational and academic training.

Job Corps was initiated as the central program of the Johnson Administration’s War on Poverty, part of his domestic agenda known as the Great Society. Established in the 1930s as an emergency relief program, the CCC provided room, board, and employment to thousands of unemployed young people. Though the CCC was discontinued after World War II, Job Corps built on many of its methods and strategies. The first National Director of the Job Corps program was Dr.

Stephen Uslan, who was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson and reported directly to Sargent Shriver. The current national director of the Office of Job Corps is Lenita Jacobs-Simmons The Job Corps program is currently authorized under Title I-C of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Since its inception in 1964 under the Economic Opportunity Act, Job Corps has served more than 1. Job Corps serves approximately 60,000 youths annually at Job Corps Centers throughout the country.

Is in need of additional technical training, education, counseling, or related assistance to complete schoolwork or to find and keep a job. Has signed consent from a parent or guardian if he or she is a minor. Has a child care plan if he or she is the parent of a dependent child. Does not exhibit behavioral problems that could keep him, her, or others from experiencing Job Corps’ full benefits.

Does not require any face-to-face court or institutional supervision or court-imposed fines while enrolled in Job Corps. Applicants to the Job Corps program are identified and screened for eligibility by organizations contracted by the U. This is the stage at which students visit admissions counselors and gather information, as well as prepare for and leave for their Job Corps Centers. Transportation is provided to and from the centers by Job Corps.

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