Ielts preparation tips pdf

Anna from Sweden, Joan from Ielts preparation tips pdf Kong and Rosselle from the Philippines share their secrets on how to succeed in the IELTS reading paper. My name’s Anna, I’m 23 and I’m from Sweden. 5 in my IELTS exam and now I’m an events manager.

My tip is for the reading test: spelling is very important. When you learn new words make sure you know how to spell them. Go back and check the spelling of your answers. Aiming high with the British Council!

I got band 7 and now I’m a travel consultant. My tip for the reading test is: look at the picture and the title to give you a general idea of the topic, and then look at the questions. Study skills with the British Council! I’m 22, from the Philippines.

I got 7 in my IELTS exam and I’m a personal assistant. My tip is for the reading test: don’t waste too much time on one question. If it’s too difficult for you, go on to the next question and come back if you have time. Good luck in your exam!

Hi, am looking for a tutorial which may be in videos or pdf as am planning to take IELTS test would you help me please? Please visit our site for IELTS candidates: TakeIELTS. You’ll find information on the exam in written and video form, tips and suggestions, practice tasks, mock exams, sample answers and more. It should be of great help to you, I think.

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