Infoobjects in sap bi pdf

Hi Experts,I have searched a while around in this forum but couldn’t find the right answer to my problem. As I am new to SAP BI, I also apologize if my questions don’t make sense. However, i want to make sure that i will not touch any of the customer infoobjects as I am working with z-infoobjects only. Now I have several questions to make sure that im going in the infoobjects in sap bi pdf way.

To generate the product hierarchies with their respective text, should I replicate both 0PROD_HIER_LPHR_HIER and 0PROD_HIER_TEXT datasources? 0PROD_HIER, 0PRODH1,0PRODH2, 0PRODH3 and 0PRODH4 and then create 4 Z-infoobjects with a template to this 0PROD_HIER, 0PRODH1,0PRODH2, 0PRODH3 and 0PRODH4? 0PROD_HIER content with the new copied Z0PROD_HIER content?

Thank you for your time and consideration. Hi Regys,When it comes to hierarchies, life has become easier with the “new” hierarchy framework as introduced in BW release 7. 0 data staging technology with transformations and DTPs.

In the transformation there are some new hierarchy rule types and on top of that, you can even write routines. Most of the mapping is done automatically. In the first case, you can use the transformation rule type Derive Hierarchy Characteristic. SAP Help – Examples of a hierarchy transformation.

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