Insert pdf into powerpoint slide

Adobe Acrobat will simplify this task further if your goal is to convert an entire multiple-page document. Open the insert pdf into powerpoint slide to the slide on which you would like to insert the PDF.

Zoom” and “Snapshot Tool” in the drop-down menus. The icon for the Snapshot Tool is a camera. The pointer in the main program window will turn into a cross, indicating that you can now select portions of the PDF document.

Once the box is the appropriate size and location, release the mouse. A pop-up menu will appear that says “The selected area has been copied. PPT you want to insert the PDF piece or page. Select “Paste” in the drop-down menu.

The selected info will appear on the PPT slide, and you can re-size or move the piece anywhere on the slide. Open the multiple-page PDF in Acrobat.

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