Intel processors list by date pdf

Concise technical data is given for each product. All processors are listed intel processors list by date pdf in chronological order.

Introduced in the third quarter of 1974, these components used bipolar Schottky transistors. The memory is divided into odd and even banks. First used in the Compaq Deskpro IBM PC-compatible computers.

2 Model 25 and Model 30. Used segment registers to access more than 64 KB of data at once, which many programmers complained made their work excessively difficult.

16 MHz, 20 MHz and 25 MHz available. Included memory protection hardware to support multitasking operating systems with per-process address space.

Reworked and expanded memory protection support including paged virtual memory and virtual-86 mode, features required at the time by Xenix and Unix. First used by Compaq in the Deskpro 386. The Intel i376 is an embedded version of the i386SX. 185 million transistors at 1 μm and 900,000 at 0.

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