Internet of things pdf 2014

Tap here to turn internet of things pdf 2014 desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Responding to her Friday morning alarm, Stacey gets out of bed.

Simultaneously, items throughout her house begin preparing for the day. Although it is cloudy outside, the interior is lighted with tones of a beautiful sunrise, per Stacey’s personalized lighting scheme. The water heater makes sure the shower will be to her preference.

When she enters the bathroom, her motion starts coffee brewing and breakfast cooking in the microwave. As Stacey eats breakfast, her caloric intake is monitored.

The morning headlines and stories are projected onto the wall next to the table. A green indicator says every device in the house is working perfectly, although she would have been notified before anything had come close to malfunctioning, and a repair order would have been automatically issued.

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