Lewin model of change pdf

Gestalt psychology, Kurt Koffka, Lewin model of change pdf L. Fritz Perls, Abraham Maslow, David A.

Kolb, Eric Trist, Brian J. German-American psychologist, known as one of the modern pioneers of social, organizational, and applied psychology in the United States. Lewin is often recognized as the “founder of social psychology” and was one of the first to study group dynamics and organizational development. A Review of General Psychology survey, published in 2002, ranked Lewin as the 18th-most cited psychologist of the 20th century.

It was a small village of about 5,000 people, about 150 of which were Jewish. Lewin received an orthodox Jewish education at home. He was one of four children born into a middle-class family.

His father owned a small general store, and the family lived in an apartment above the store. Christian because Jews were unable to own farms at the time. The family moved to Berlin in 1905, so Lewin and his brothers could receive a better education. From 1905 to 1908, Lewin studied at the Kaiserin Augusta Gymnasium, where he received a classical humanistic education.

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