Literature review on effects of teenage pregnancy pdf

Please forward this error screen to 107. Please note that Internet Explorer version 8. Please refer to this blog post for more information. This yielded a vast literature which was selectively organized and analyzed according literature review on effects of teenage pregnancy pdf the four domains identified above.

It also highlights a range of protective factors that can mitigate against this impact, in particular a strong relationship with and attachment to a caring adult, usually the mother. It also concludes that there is rarely a direct causal pathway leading to a particular outcome and that children are active in constructing their own social world. Implications for interventions suggest that timely, appropriate and individually tailored responses need to build on the resilient blocks in the child’s life. From a resilient perspective this review also highlights range of protective factors that influence the extent of the impact of exposure and the subsequent outcomes for the child.

This review advocates for a holistic and child-centered approach to service delivery, derived from an informed assessment, designed to capture a picture of the individual child’s experience, and responsive to their individual needs. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. We would also like to acknowledge the Health Research Board for funding Stephanie Holt’s research fellowship.

The article is about teen pregnancy in the United States. For a broader view see Teen pregnancy and Adolescent sexuality in the United States.

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