Long day”s journey into night free pdf

An autobiographical account of his explosive home life long day’s journey into night free pdf a drug-addicted mother. 42 but first published in 1956. The play is widely considered to be his magnum opus and one of the finest American plays of the 20th century. It premiered in Sweden in February 1956 and then opened on Broadway in November 1956, winning the Tony Award for Best Play.

O’Neill posthumously received the 1957 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Long Day’s Journey into Night. James and Mary and their sons Edmund and Jamie. Mary is addicted to morphine and Edmund is ill with tuberculosis.

The “Long Day” refers to the setting of the play, which takes place during one day. The play takes place on a single day in August 1912, from around 8:30 a. The setting is the seaside Connecticut home of the Tyrones’ Monte Cristo Cottage. The four main characters are the semi-autobiographical representations of O’Neill himself, his older brother, and their parents.

The pain of this family is made worse by their depth of self-understanding and self-analysis, combined with a brutal honesty, as they see it, and an ability to boldly express themselves. The story deals with the mother’s addiction to morphine, the family’s addiction to whiskey, the father’s miserliness, the older brother’s licentiousness, and younger brother’s illness.

James Tyrone is a 65-year-old actor who had long ago bought a “vehicle” play for himself and had established his reputation based on this one role with which he had toured for years. Although that “vehicle” had served him well financially, he is now resentful that his having become so identified with this character has limited his scope and opportunities as a classical actor. He is a wealthy though somewhat miserly man.

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