Mine till midnight lisa kleypas pdf free download


American author of historical mine till midnight lisa kleypas pdf free download contemporary romance novels. In 1985, she was named Miss Massachusetts 1985 and competed in the Miss America 1986 pageant in Atlantic City. Kleypas has always loved to read, especially within the romance genre.

She began writing her own romance novels during her summer breaks from studying political science at Wellesley College, Her parents agreed to support her for a few months after her graduation so that she could finish her latest manuscript. Approximately two months later, at age 21, Kleypas sold her first novel.

At approximately the same time, the 5’2″ Kleypas was named Miss Massachusetts. During her competition at the Miss America pageant, Kleypas sang a song she had written, earning her a “talented nonfinalist” award. Kleypas has been a full-time romance writer since selling that first book.

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