Model railroad track plans pdf

Model railroad track plans pdf model railroading, a layout is a diorama containing scale track for operating trains. The size of a layout varies, from small shelf-top designs to ones that fill entire rooms, basements, or whole buildings. Attention to modeling details such as structures and scenery is common.

Simple layouts are generally situated on a table, although other methods are used, including doors. More permanent construction methods involve attaching benchwork framing to the walls of the room or building in which the layout is situated. An important aspect of any model railway is the layout of the track itself.

A circle or oval, with trains going round and round. A line with a station at each end, with trains going from one station to the other. A pear shaped track, with trains leaving a station, going round a reversing loop, and coming back to the same station. Either a station, a motive power depot or a yard where the primary mode of operation is shunting.

On a point to point layout, the train can increase the time it takes to get from A to B by going around a continuous loop a few times. Single or double track or more, so more trains can run at the same time. Intermediate stations, to distinguish between express trains which go straight through and local trains which stop briefly. Branch lines, to add an excuse for more stations and different types of trains.

Arranging the continuous loop as a figure-of-8, possibly with one track going over the other instead of having tracks crossing on the same level. Folding one loop of a figure-of-8 over the other loop to produce a looped-8, so as to reduce the amount of space needed while keeping a long continuous run. As the name implies, all trains stop here, and then go back to where they came from. For passengers only, or for goods only, or for both passengers and goods.

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