Mongoose for application development pdf

Mongoose is mongoose for application development pdf under GPL v2 and commercial licenses. Mongoose is developed by Cesanta Software.

Mongoose is a cross-platform application that can be used on Windows, Macintosh OS, Linux, QNX, eCOS, Free RTOS, Android and iOS. With just over 130 kB source code and an executable footprint of 40 kB on Linux 2. Mongoose is written in C.

In July 2015 Cesanta has introduced Mongoose OS a complete IoT firmware solution. Mongoose OS is open source embedded operating system for low-power connected microcontrollers.

Secure, complete environment for prototyping, development, and managing of connected devices. ESP8266, ESP 32, TI CC3200, STM32, NRF52 and other hardware platforms. Mongoose is used by several companies in various industries, including software companies, equipment companies, semiconductor companies and some Fortune 500 technology companies.

In January 2017, Mongoose reached a mark of being downloaded over 2,000,000 times. After the license change, Mongoose was forked. The different forks then significantly diverged when adding features.

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