Nigerian stock exchange pdf

1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange. In 1977#N8# nigerian stock exchange pdf name was changed from the Lagos Stock Exchange to the Nigerian Stock Exchange. As at March 7, 2017, it has 176 listed companies with a total market capitalization of about N8. All listings are included in the Nigerian Stock Exchange All Shares index.

In terms of market capitalization, the Nigerian Stock Exchange is the third largest stock exchange in Africa. The Nigerian Stock Exchange was founded in 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange, on September 15, 1960, the stock exchange council was inaugurated. Operations began officially on August 25, 1961 with 19 securities listed for trading but informal operations had commenced earlier in June, 1961. Operations were initially conducted inside the Central Bank building with the exchange having four firms as market dealers: Inlaks, John Holt, C.

The volume for August, 1961, was about 80,500 pounds and it rose to about 250,000 pounds in September of the same year with the bulk of the investments in government securities. In December 1977 it became known as The Nigerian Stock Exchange, with branches established in some of the major commercial cities of the country. The NSE is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which has the mandate of Surveillance over the exchange to forestall breaches of market rules and to deter and detect unfair manipulations and trading practices. The Exchange has an automated trading System.

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