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Pan global power engineering books pdf are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. What is Human Resource Management? Find the answers you need in these books.

The titles in this category concentrate on the most important topics and current debates in HRM and provide insights into the most relevant theories. This book is an attempt to provide an insight into the various elements which constitute Human Resource Management.

A practical look at HR from two experienced HR generalists. Applied Research in HRM’ guides HRM students them into effective qualitative research covering research objective, literature review, questionnaire design and presentation of findings. Managing human resource learning for innovation develops a systemic understanding of building innovative capabilities by organizing learning and utilizing human resource knowledge in firms.

In 2025 work as we know it will change EVEN MORE than it has in the previous 12 years. Learn to integrate 21st Century Human Resources Management with Knowledge and Talent Management.

This book covers the entire employee lifecycle, from attracting talent, to training and retaining them. In “The Experts Teach: Training Skills”, we bring together 25 articles from the top experts on training and development.

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