Parent report card pdf

Parents might seem like your enemies sometimes, but they’re there to help and support you. If you’re worried about talking to them about a bad report card, remember that it will only make them feel sad or angry for a parent report card pdf while, and only because they care about you and want you to do well.

If you explain the report card to them in the right manner, then the effects won’t be so bad. Depending on your grade, your report card may have information that doesn’t fall into the typical A or B in math or science category. Your report card may show social skills or work habits, like ‘pays attention’ or ‘talks too much’.

It may also give grades like S, N, or D for satisfactory, needs improvement, or developing. Make sure to ask your teacher to explain any unclear parts of your report card.

You want to be able to explain your grades to your parents as knowledgeably as possible. Know what your grades are based on. Have you only had one test you bombed, or have you had five tests this grading period? How many quizzes, tests, and homework assignments are included?

You might also want to gather together some of your tests, quizzes, and homework so you can go over them with your parents. Another thing to think about is what kind of report card this is. Some schools give report cards every 9 weeks to show the student’s progress through the semester.

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