Partial differential equations of applied mathematics zauderer pdf

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The author provides all the theory and tools necessary to solve problems via exact, approximate, and numerical methods. The Third Edition retains all the hallmarks of its previous editions, including an emphasis on practical applications, clear writing style and logical organization, and extensive use of real-world examples.

A new section at the end of each original chapter, exhibiting the use of specially constructed Maple procedures that solve PDEs via many of the methods presented in the chapters. The results can be evaluated numerically or displayed graphically. Two new chapters that present finite difference and finite element methods for the solution of PDEs. Newly constructed Maple procedures are provided and used to carry out each of these methods.

All the numerical results can be displayed graphically. A related FTP site that includes all the Maple code used in the text. New exercises in each chapter, and answers to many of the exercises are provided via the FTP site.

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