Pep guardiola coaching philosophy pdf

USA out of the World Cup: What happened and what next for the Soccer Nation? Throughout pep guardiola coaching philosophy pdf coaching career, Pep Guardiola has always implemented his knowledge of positional sense gained as a player to extract, innovate and develop tactics that resulted in his team having positional superiority against the opponents. While many have tried and failed, Guardiola has been immensely successful in this aspect.

Hamoudi Fayad documents the tactical spectacle that Guardiola directed via a star studded Bayern Munich side. If you haven’t read Adin Osmanbasic’s tactical theory on Juego De Posicion under Pep Guardiola, then do so before reading this article. Pep Guardiola is arguably the greatest manager in World Football right now. He was an icon at Barcelona and they wanted someone from inside the club to manage, and because he had such an amazing team plus Messi, he won everything and then Bayern got him.

It was easy for him. He didn’t go through tough times at Ajax or Porto like Van Gaal and Mourinho did. Simply because Guardiola has risen up to the grandest stage of them all on many different occasions through his annihilating tactical innovation: not tiquitaca, but Juego De Posicion. UPDATE: This article featured in Goalden Times’ Word Ball 2015 in the Analytical category.

The modern football fan may not realise it, but the real tactical innovation of Pep Guardiola was Juego De Posicion. Pep Guardiola put it in Marti Pernarau’s recent book Pep Confidential, where Pep explains his tactical ideologies and methodologies. There are many different factors that shape up Guardiola’s philosophy, with the main emphasis being placed on positional play.

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