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What is the message you are sending through this book? Once upon a time’, whether you believed once upon a time that you could conquer the world or that if you ran so fast you pepe minambo books pdf fly, we all have our dreams.

I ask the question, would the child you once were be proud of the adult you are today? I feel that lot of people are living compromised lives. Many have dreamt to be something someday but maybe because that has never happened, they compromised their potential. It is a reflective book.

I write about five things that keep us from reaching and going beyond our purpose, then how to overcome them. The core message to inspire people to believe in themselves, go beyond their self-imposed limitations and self-inflicted misery and to believe in the transformation of possibilities and opportunities. Then they can dare to dream bigger and live more fulfilling lives. Where do you find inspiration, and what inspired your latest book?

My inspiration comes from a deep sense of optimism within me. I also get inspired from reading. They say, a man who doesn’t read lives only one life but he who reads lives a thousand. A single book changed my life and inspired my work.

Someone handed me a book called Success is Never Ending, Failure is Never Final by Dr Robert Schuller. Reading that book gave a complete paradigm shift.

I started writing just six years ago. It came a time in my career as a motivational speaker that after my events, people were asking where they could buy my books! A friend and author then motivated and taught me about writing and within ten months we had sold over ten thousand copies of my first book. How long did it take you to write Beyond Limits?

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