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These personality inventories have both longer and shorter versions. The test was originally developed for use with adult men and women without overt psychopathy, but was later shown to also be useful for people at younger ages. The original version of the inventory, which was published in 1978, included only those three factors. This version would be included in the Augmented Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.

Accordingly, in 1985 they published the first manual for the NEO that included all five factors, which are now known as the Big Five personality personality traits. In this version, “NEO” was now considered part of the name of the test and was no longer an acronym. This naming convention continued with the third version, with the Revised NEO Personality Inventory, published in 1990, being referred to as NEO PI-R.

Research began to accumulate that indicated that the five factors were sufficiently broad and useful. There were also calls for a more detailed view of personality. Research also began to show that the NEO PI-R had the potential to be used with adolescents and children as young as 10.

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