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A 2-spot game of Sprouts. The game ends when the first player is unable to draw a connecting line between the only two play with graphs pdf points, marked in green. Sprouts is a paper-and-pencil game with significant mathematical properties.

It was invented by mathematicians John Horton Conway and Michael S. Paterson at Cambridge University in the early 1960s. The game is played by two players, starting with a few spots drawn on a sheet of paper. The players are constrained by the following rules.

The line may be straight or curved, but must not touch or cross itself or any other line. The new spot cannot be placed on top of one of the endpoints of the new line.

Thus the new spot splits the line into two shorter lines. No spot may have more than three lines attached to it.

For the purposes of this rule, a line from the spot to itself counts as two attached lines and new spots are counted as having two lines already attached to them. In so-called normal play, the player who makes the last move wins. In misère play, the player who makes the last move loses.

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