Power of midnight prayer by gabriel agbo pdf

ONE of the most powerful but grossly neglected spiritual tools God has given Christians is midnight prayer. From the bible, and through ages, prayers done around this particular time have always brought tremendous and unprecedented results. As a Christian, it is imperative that you live a life of vigils.

There are levels you can never attain in the spirit without mastering the art of praying in the midnight. There are levels of revelations you cannot get without prolonged midnight prayers.

And there are also satanic entities, thrones and chains you can never dismantle unless through prolonged midnight battles. The aim of this write-up is to awaken the Christians to this great spiritual weapon given us by God. Christian that masters midnight praying will ultimately control what happens in the day. And the reason is simple— human beings are easily overwhelmed while asleep.

Naturally, the body is weak at this time. And this makes it susceptible to spiritual manipulation. For one to be powerful in the spirit world, the person’s human spirit must be guided by a higher Spirit, which in the case of a Christian, is the Holy Spirit. Let’s not go farther with this explanation.

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