Prevent pdf file from downloading and printing

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I am trying to find a way to prevent a PDF from being printed or downloaded when view from web. Also, it is prefered that user cannot print screen. I am thinking about converting those PDF files to Flash. You can’t stop a user from printing the screen.

If you have information you want to display and you don’t want it being printed physically, PDF isn’t exactly the format of choice. It’s whole purpose is to be lovingly printed.

In my business, the need for the PDF to not be downloaded is due to not wanting customers to be able to easily share downloaded materials with other people. I make worksheets, and if they are easy to share, the customer is more likely to email them to a friend.

If sharing them is made more complicated, they are less likely to want to go to the trouble. Not being able to download them without having advanced computer knowledge is good enough for me. Hope this sheds light on a need in the industry.

Things like being able to get a screen shot, etc. Media” tab which allows downloading images presented through HTML and that efforts are being made to start phasing out plugins because they’re too big a source of new security vulnerabilities.

I believe Chrome has currently removed support for all plugins but Flash and applied a whitelist for which sites are allowed to run Flash mostly video-streaming sites. Okay, I take back what I commented earlier. Just talked to one of the senior guys in my shop and he said it is possible to lock it down hard. What this will do is that if they right click on the ‘image’ to save it, they will be saving the transparent image instead.

Still not totally secure, but protected from your average user. Right-click, view page source, get link of image under the transparent image. I think it’s naive to think you can stop this. It’s been in Firefox for as long as I can remember.

I think I remember it existing in Mozilla Suite back before it got pared down into Firebird, which then became Firefox. I or tap Alt to show the MacOS menubar outside MacOS and then look in the Tools menu. Yep, I am aware of that workaround. I consider that under ‘one of the ways of getting at it that requires digging into the source.

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