Prevention of terrorism act 2002 pdf

Prevention of terrorism act 2002 pdf Act to make provisions for the prevention of, and for dealing with, the terrorist activities and for matters connected therewith. Act passed by the Parliament of India in 2002, with the objective of strengthening anti-terrorism operations. The Act was enacted due to several terrorist attacks that were being carried out in India and especially in response to the attack on the Parliament. The Act was repealed in 2004 by the United Progressive Alliance coalition.

It was only the third time that a bill was passed by a joint session of both houses of Parliament. The Act defined what constituted a “terrorist act” and who a “terrorist” was, and granted special powers to the investigating authorities described under the Act. In order to ensure that discretionary powers granted to the investigating agencies were not misused and human rights violations were not committed, specific safeguards were built into the Act.

Analogous to the provisions contained in TADA, the law provided that a suspect could be detained for up to 180 days without the filing of chargesheet in court. It also allowed law enforcement agencies to withhold the identities of witnesses, and to treat confessions made to the police admissible in evidence.

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