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I want to print print zpl to pdf PDF on a zebra printer. We tried it with ADS and use following functions: ADS_SR_OPENADS_GET_PATHADS_WRITE_TO_FILEADS_SR_CONFIRMADS_SR_CLOSEThis works fine with a laser printer, but on zebra printer we get an error.

Not what you were looking for? It is used primarily for labeling applications. The original ZPL was advanced to ZPL II, but a full compatibility with the older version is not given. Meanwhile, ZPL II is emulated by many label printers of various producers.

ZPL II by the producer and is ANSI BASIC oriented. Primarily, it is intended to avoid a refactoring of code when changing the printer, if the old printer software was written by a label printer of a competitor.

With ZBI, it should be possible that the Zebra printer gets an “alien” data format and converts it to the requested ZPL II format automatically. Currently, more than 170 commands exist in ZPL II.

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Which device type is to be used to print a pdf spool type directly on frontend? Which device type is to be used to print a pdf spool type directly on frontend? The problem we’re facing is to be able to print a PDF spool through frontend printing. When we try to print a PDF spool directly to frontend from transaction FIWTIT_CU, the PDF spool is correctly created and we can see it in SP01 as PDF spool type, but the concurrent output is a list of ASCII chars, similar to the one you get when you use the wrong driver.

The preview on SP01 works fine and, as a workaround, we can actually print the PDF throught the print option on the preview, but, of course,it’s quite time expensive. SWIN device type, but a PCL, PS or ZPL device type.

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